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These are a basic necessity in any man’s wardrobe and for most, it’s seen as a staple that serves simply for benefiting practicality and function. When it comes to accessories, men tend to show keen interest to the part above the waistline whether it’s the tie, pocket square, tiepin, cufflink or the belt .The socks which is hidden underneath your trousers tend to get the least importance while dressing up. But good news is times are changing and men are getting more conscious about fashion and grooming, extending their attention to the smallest detail in their attire. 

So be it known, that Socks are the simplest way to add that extra punch to your personality and with myriad designs, styles, materials and patterns available these days there’s a world of choice out there.
Let’s do our primary education first ….The anatomy of a sock 



Guidelines to wearing socks

Match your socks to your trousers! You can never go wrong with that.
It necessarily does not need to be the exact colour of your trouser, you can choose a pair that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing.
For example, if you are wearing a medium grey trouser, you either match it with the same coloured socks or you can also wear charcoal or light grey ones.



When this neutral mode begins to get boring, experiment with some patterns and textures. You could incorporate a subtle stripe or polka dot into the mix. Avoid matching the pattern of your socks with any pattern that already exists somewhere else in your look. For example, if you’re wearing a striped shirt, try dotted socks.

Next move will be to go a bit further and try a bold splash of colour. They could be plain solids or coloured ones with subtle patterns. Coordinate your socks to some colour in your outfit. You could pick up a colour from your shirt, jacket or even your pocket square. Now guys! Coordinate does not mean match. So, remember to have some harmony in the overall appearance. But, while you do so, it should look like a deliberate attempt and convey that you have put an extra effort in your styling.

Once you have perfected the art of coordinating and contrasting the colours, you can start integrating the bold and vibrant socks to your outfit. These novelty socks should flaunt the wildest designs and colour, the ones that slyly yells your wild side. They make that bold statement and accentuates your personality. But know this that if you decide to rock novelty socks, keep the rest of the ensemble relatively simple.     

Socks add a degree of personality, fun, and unique style to your look. They are an awesome way to add subtle boldness and panache as they woe that eye catching finesse to your ankle. Throw into your wardrobe a variety of colours and play the contrasting game whenever you please.

Let your feet feel HAPPY!! 

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