Addicted to BLACK

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I am Sophistication. I am Power. I am Authority, Elegance, Strength and Mystery. I am the Unparalleled. Welcome to my World. I AM BLACK.

I am timeless- Fads may come and go but I stay forever.

I project power and independence- Am I not the favorite in Power dressing?

I am universally flattering-No matter what shape or size you are. I am always perfect for you!

I am restrictive and contained- Flaunting colors is not required. It can be a new Black every day.

I make a statement- Love me or hate me but you cannot avoid me!

Tiekart has put together a few pieces of me, BLACK, that will help you to create powerful statements through your outfits.  I am not monotonous no matter how frequently you flaunt me. Mix me n match me because in all honesty, you will never have too much of ME. I am BLACK!

Plain Cravat

Dotted tie

Rope embellished hat

Canvas belt

Stone Cufflinks


Funky lapel pin

Formal Suspender

Open bow tie

Paisley tie

Textured bow tie

Golf Cap

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