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Choosing the Right Tie:

How do you know which tie to wear with which shirt? The answer isn’t simple, but the rules are pretty simple once you learn them:

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You don’t need to adhere to standards, you can deviate but the secret is to play it right and you become the trend setter ,The Game Changer.

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Y Stands for YOLO,Y stands for Youthful,Y Stands for Yourself and Y stands for Yellow
These words define yellow lovers, who are young at heart, brimming with confidence, optimistic and live life to its fullest.

While many of you might think that it could be challenging to incorporate the brightest colour of the spectrum in regular dressing. Well, add it in the right proportions and you are sorted!

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While the mercury is rising, the sun is blazing and the humidity is tormenting, the only mantra of being fashionable is to be comfortable. It’s that time of the year, when you are unsure of how to dress formal and all of a sudden dressing well seems so intimidating.