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These are a basic necessity in any man’s wardrobe and for most, it’s seen as a staple that serves simply for benefiting practicality and function. When it comes to accessories, men tend to show keen interest to the part above the waistline whether it’s the tie, pocket square, tiepin, cufflink or the belt .The socks which is hidden underneath your trousers tend to get the least importance while dressing up. But good news is times are changing and men are getting more conscious about fashion and grooming, extending their attention to the smallest detail in their attire. 

So be it known, that Socks are the simplest way to add that extra punch to your personality and with myriad designs, styles, materials and patterns available these days there’s a world of choice out there.
Let’s do our primary education first ….The anatomy of a sock 



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I am Sophistication. I am Power. I am Authority, Elegance, Strength and Mystery. I am the Unparalleled. Welcome to my World. I AM BLACK.

I am timeless- Fads may come and go but I stay forever.

I project power and independence- Am I not the favorite in Power dressing?

I am universally flattering-No matter what shape or size you are. I am always perfect for you!

I am restrictive and contained- Flaunting colors is not required. It can be a new Black every day.

I make a statement- Love me or hate me but you cannot avoid me!

Tiekart has put together a few pieces of me, BLACK, that will help you to create powerful statements through your outfits.  I am not monotonous no matter how frequently you flaunt me. Mix me n match me because in all honesty, you will never have too much of ME. I am BLACK!