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In this modern day world, it’s become very certain for men to have a tie around their neck when they go for work. Therefore choosing best ties and to know tricks and the tips are important. There are various types of ties which are available in the market. You can pick from spiral patterns, solid and bold colored tie, stripped tie, club neck ties, plaid neck tie, etc. The most famous amongst all is the spiral patterned tie which is used commonly. The patterns are very similar to the woolen scarves. The outfit you wear could be made to look good by just adding an appropriate colored scarf. The solid colored ties are very simple and they can be worn at any occasion at any place.

The stripped ties contain the stripes which could be vertical or even horizontal and comes in various stripped colors as well as shapes. Selecting good mix of stripped colors as well as size will give you a very good and subtle look. For example, a black back-ground and red striped tie will make a very handsome combination. The club neck ties contain symmetrical logos as well as designs on the dark color background. The patterns signal a kind of occasion you are going to attend. Next in turn are the plain neck ties. These neck ties are a good combination of the horizontal as well as vertical stripes they are generally worn for very casual occasions. These ties are not suitable for a formal occasion.

Another important thing which needs to be focused upon is the selection of the way of tieng the necktie. But the most popular type of knot is the Windsor or the half Windsor knot. The Windsor knot is considered as the father of all the ties.

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