Coffee is an ATTITUDE adjusted in a cup

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Attitude that speaks volume about your wardrobe

PROCAFFEINATING (n) - It’s the tendency to not start anything until you had a cup of coffee 
COFFEEGASM (n) - The little rush you feel after the first sip of good strong coffee

These are 2 new words that I learnt lately while studying a research on personality styles and psychological traits of various coffee drinkers. That’s when I realized that our choices (even the ones about our daily coffee), often speak volumes about us and our personality.

Its two way - Choices developing a particular personality and personality impacting our choices.
Dressing up is a part of our personality which develops or rather is a derivative of our choices.               


EXPRESSO - Someone who enjoys the taste of coffee and hence likes things simple and straightforward. He is hard working, patient and efficient but pertains to the old school.


LATTE - Someone who likes to soften the bitterness in life like his drink. He is a comfort seeker, overanalyses every decision and is very generous with time.


CAPPUCCINO - Someone who is classy and sophisticated. He has a creative bent of mind and very articulate. He is social and makes a very good friend.


FRAPPUCCINO - Someone who is spontaneous and lives in the moment.He is adventurous , happy-go-lucky person who doesn’t get into the intricate details in life.


ICED COFFEE - Someone who is very child-like or young at heart. He is a trendsetter and usually very confident in experesing his opinions . He is socially bold and likes to exeperiment new things.


REGULAR COFFEE - Someone who is traditional in some ways but also loves to cut loose at times. He is a blend of logical , creative yet spontaneous.

So, next time, when you are in a meeting or dating or hanging out with your colleagues, you can fairly assess the person with a cup of coffee and articulate your conversations.

“Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation” – Amadeus Wolfe



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