Don’t know how to tie a tie? Ask the experts

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Tie is the only accessory which adds, to the finesse and the gracefulness of a man that is beyond all comparisons. 

Wearing ties give you some extra, appeal that leaves a very long lasting impression and also ensures that you will be taken seriously. As the years have gone by, the popularity and craze and the demand of the neck ties has only grown manifolds. Apart from having a good aesthetic value, neck ties and ties also offer men that the impression of affability and decency and the gentleness.

The neck ties comprise of a very important and most frequently utilized part of the men’s fashion accessories.

How To Wear It

When you decide to learn of how to tie a tie, you should definitely know, that there are mainly 2 methods to tie a men’s neck tie known as the Windsor Knot as well as the Four in Hand Knot, both are equally famous ways to tie a knot.

The Windsor knots which has been named after, The Duke Windsor, is the most-sophisticated way of tying a men’s neck tie. For making the Windsor Knot, the Wider end of tie on the right side need to be kept atleast twenty five to thirty cms longer, than the narrow ends. Next is the wider end which needs to be crossed across narrower, end and should be brought out across loops between collar and the ties. Now wider ends are brought behind narrower ends and again looped in between the collar and the tie. Now wider ends need to be brought under the narrower ends and again, brought out of loop in between the tie and the collar. The wider ends are then brought in front by looping it towards right and, again looping it out from the narrow end. 


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