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Defining dress codes-

Laura hunt, fashion and beauty consultant at freeway fashion says “always ask what to wear if you are invited to an event with unfamiliar dress code”. Dressing appropriately makes you confident and classy, and gives you a good chance to stand out amongst the crowd. The corporate world that we live in today, a party means serious business. Invitation from such parties is most likely to have a dress code. We would like to share some tips about what to wear on every occasion


Black Tie- Means formal. Traditional tuxedos with formal white shirt, black bow tie and black    cummerbund. You can choose to add your own flair to the tux by wearing a traditional styled Tie or coloured bow ties.

Black tie optional or black tie invited- Means you have an option of wearing a tuxedo or dark suit, white dress shirt and a conservative tie.

Smart Casual- This is the tricky part, clothes that are casual but smart. Opt for dressy trousers paired with collared or polo shirt and loafers. No holes, slogans, tears or paint spots.

Cocktail attire- This we are guessing you might know, anyways lets still share our views, wear a dark suit, coat and tie. Dark jeans paired with a jacket and a tie is also acceptable at some cocktail events depending on the atmosphere.

White Tie- Means ultra-formal. Wear coat with tails and white pique vest. This is worn over white formal shirt with white pique bow tie and black patent leather shoes.

Creative Black Tie- Doesn’t sound like a dress code, well it is. It leaves a room for creativity with your formal wear. Incorporate trendy prints in with your tie and a dressy shirt. For example mix fabrics such as silk blazers and a dress shirt to create an exquisite look or a tuxedo with black shirt and no tie.

Warm Weather Black Tie- Such a dress code is for events held outdoors, dinners, galas or weddings. White dinner jacket (wool, linen or cotton fabric material) white dress shirt, bow tie, cummerbund and nice black leather shoes shall do the job.

Lounge attire- Hunting ground for men so you need to look your best. Our advice would be something black and sleek that brings out the physique that you have been hiding in the office. Dark suit paired with French cuffed, crisp white shirt. You can opt for a tie or not. If you want it to be a little informal, pair it with a vest.

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