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Y Stands for YOLO,Y stands for Youthful,Y Stands for Yourself and Y stands for Yellow
These words define yellow lovers, who are young at heart, brimming with confidence, optimistic and live life to its fullest.

While many of you might think that it could be challenging to incorporate the brightest colour of the spectrum in regular dressing. Well, add it in the right proportions and you are sorted!

Here are 10 tips which will help you in your decision making while you go shopping the next time.
1) Yellow being a vibrant colour, is best matched with Blues, Whites, Greys and Beiges. So, blow away your Monday blues by pairing a yellow tie with your favourite blue or white shirt and start the week high on the energy meter. 

2) Need to step out for a meeting or attend a conference? A yellow pocket square will work wonders, be it summer or winter!

3) A man’s wardrobe typically consists of blues (all shades of blues), whites, blacks and a few colours here and there. Amidst these blue and white clouds, shine like a sun. Add a yellow shirt or sweater, depending on the season and see the transformation in your attitude!

4) If you are fun loving person, then a yellow bow tie is the right choice for a casual party or a wedding.

5) People who like yellow are known to be impulsive and spontaneous but with a modern outlook .This makes it easier for them to carry the colour especially in informal dressing in the form of T-shirts, Jackets and even Trousers. But, ensure that the rest of your clothing is in a subtle colour!

6) If you are still sceptical, then add yellow in small doses. Accessories, like Cufflinks, Lapel pins and Socks will elevate your entire look.

7) Mid-week crisis?? You need to uplift your mood and feel energetic? Don’t fret! You don’t need to refresh your wardrobe as fashion is always not about clothes, but about the smaller elements too, which play an equally important role in your persona. A yellow Belt, Bag or a Watch can do that magic.

8) During the winters, when you need the warmth, sport a sunshine Scarf or a Cravat or a pair of Gloves. This will brighten up your mood and your attire.

9) Some time back, shoes were meant to be only Black or Brown but with up rise of the retro look, they are no longer an obscure element. Not only the shoes, but colourful Shoe laces are also trending.

10) Fashion is attitude and it can be portrayed even in the smallest detail of your dressing. Experiment with your Eyewear, Bracelets or even the Soles of your shoes.

It is a HAPPY and OPTIMISTIC colour, so shed your inhibitions and find that right shade of yellow which will not only grab the attention but will also induce the fun element in your dressing.

Add a stroke of Yellow and SPREAD YOUR OWN SUNSHINE!!

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