How ORANGE are you ?

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Orange is autumn, 
Orange is fire
Orange is pumpkin and carrots
Orange is kesar 
Orange is narangi
Orange is full of childhood memories 
Gold Spot, Tang and Frooti
Orange reminds of sugar candies and ice lollies

Orange is a colour that adds warmth, creates drama and livens the atmosphere.
It’s a colour between red & yellow in our spectrum and very aptly captures the energy of red and happiness 
of yellow.
Hence it oozes enthusiasm and happiness. 

Orange colour personalities are adventurous, competitive and love outdoor activities


They are free spirited and are termed the “Social Butterflies” 
They are the “Uninhibited Performers” in the party called life
They are the very challenging “Risk Takers”


Orange is jovial, cheerful and playful in its lighter tone
When deepened it gets exotic and exciting
That’s when it exudes luxury and flamboyance


A touch of Orange is all you need to flare up a regular, mundane wardrobe
Give a spark of happiness and add the element of youth to your fashion.



It is been daring and experimental 
But isn’t life a playground, where you need to dodge the ball to score a goal?
Take risks… Life is happening now !


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