How to Choose the Perfect Neckties

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Thinking of gifting neckties for someone special but you are not sure how to choose the perfect neckties so that he loves to wear always.  So need not to be confused as there are some of the tips which will help you in finding perfect Necktie. Men’s Neckties comes in different color, pattern, material and design.

The tie you are choosing will likely depend on the preference of the man you are shopping for but there are some general tie shopping guidelines.

Design and pattern
Men ties come in different design and patterns striped tie, dotted, paisley print. Some of the ties contain images and letters but these neckties are not suited for business meeting or office. If the man is more outgoing and likes to stand out or make people laugh then, undoubtedly a tie with different colored spots or cartoon animals would be a wise choice for him.

When choosing a neckties consider the material. Ties come in various materials like silk to cotton. Although Silk ties are expensive, but they look elegant. Cotton ties are more common but will require good ironing before wearing.

Long Vs Short Neckties
The last thing you should consider when purchasing a man's tie is what type of tie you will purchase. There are short and long ties, wide and skinny ties and even bow ties. Short ties would be more suited for a shorter man while longer ties would work better for a taller man. Wide and skinny ties would also work in a similar way. Although, some men have stopped wearing the wide ties all together, bow ties are suitable only for special or very formal occasions.

Once you have chosen which tie you want to purchase which is right for your special one, be sure to get a gift receipt just in case. This way, if they are too embarrassed to say that it does not suit them, they can exchange it for one they like instead of letting it sit in their closet unworn.


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