How to tie a Bow Tie

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Tie reflects the true character of a man. Ties can be of any of the following types- neck ties, bow ties and many other kinds. Bow Ties for men are very common these days. It has become a modern trend to wear bow ties if you are wearing a tuxedo or suit.

Steps to tie a bow tie -

Tying a bow tie is very easy if you know to laces of your shoe.

* Put the bow tie under the collar of your shirt, around your neck. Hold both the ends of the tie. Ensure that you hold the right end around 1.5 to 2 cms greater in length as compared with the left end.

* Cross both the ends near you neck or else you will end up in tying it loose and it will hang on your  chest

* Form a loose knot and pass the right end or the longer end through this loop.

* Now you need to pull the end towards the left side and fold it in such a way that it is folded back        towards the right side.

* The raised end should then be dropped in the front.

* The right and the left ends should then be grabbed and then pinched or projected outwards.

* The raised end that you had dropped in front should be passed through the loop just the way you did it before.

* The tying part is over. Pull the opposite sides to tighten the bow tie.

Bow Ties are available at various stores and in variety of colors and prints. The traditional black and red always steal the show. You can also buy ties on the web. There are many online shopping sites in India which have a wide variety of ties for sale. Bow ties online in India can be brought on numerous websites. These websites also have pictures depicting the appearance of bow tie when you tie it in different angle positions.

Some websites also have demonstrations regarding how to tie a bow tie. There are videos, pictures as well as some written steps that can guide you in the process of tying a bow tie.

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