KNITTED TIES & BOWS- Step out of the Orthodox

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Fashion is fluid, Fashion is art, Fashion is unrestrictive, Fashion is creativity but most importantly Fashion is a statement.

As menswear fashion rules bend more and more, so do the limits of creativity.

Ties & Bowties have been stylised and worn over the years as part of formal or semi-formal business look but with constant trending of that smart casual look and more men becoming conscious about their appearance and the impression it creates, men’s dressing is most certainly stepping out of the orthodox.

Knitted Ties & Bow ties are surfacing back as the hottest trend this Fall/Winter and is a MUST in a man’s wardrobe.

Few things that you need to remember about them before you step up your dressing game:- 

Knitted is a bit informal and less serious in itself but can be seriously good-looking and smart in the right combination.

It projects a casual and stylish look but avoid using them in an overly dressed up or formal way.

The loose character and casual nature of this accessory compliments a sleek silhouette.

It can be worn all year round but the colour palate should be based on the season. Darker, muted shades for the colder months while brighter and vivid shades should be reserved for the warmer days in spring and summer.

While most knitted ties are in solids, patterns like horizontal stripes and polka dots are gaining popularity.

Knitted ties look best when slightly narrower in width (2 to 2.5 inches).

While the thumb rule of where to drop your regular tie, is to let it touch the belt buckle, you can go lenient on your knitted ones by letting them drop a few inches above the waist too. 

These ties are ideally worn with small knot like the four-in-hand as knitted fabric makes the knot look bigger by nature.

Knitted bow ties are chubby in a delicious way and can play down any outfit to a relaxed, playful yet fashionable whole. 

Time to KNIT up your fashion!

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