Lapel Pins - Believe in SELF EXPRESSION!!

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Gone are the days when lapel pins were worn only to proms or weddings. Today they are sharp style accessories that can be worn any time with suits. Lapel pins aren’t meant to be distracting but they make the same suit look different on various occasions!

Let us show you how these little-known accessories can serve as both professional suit accents and nifty fashion statements.

Floral pins-The pins are frequently worn on the left lapel and can be fixed to the lapel either with a pin through the suit fabric, a magnet, a button, or a stem that fits through the lapel buttonhole.


Professional pins- Professional pins can be worn for a variety of reasons and can signify club/organization affiliation, military service, and personal/professional achievements.

Miscellaneous pins- Funky lapel pins have seen a surge in popularity lately.  Anything from cartoon characters to varied shapes have been spotted in lapel buttonholes which add a nice touch of style to an already impressive piece of clothing.


All image source: Pinterest

So, go ahead and add that one extra detail to your ensemble! 




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