Where and how to wear Necktie

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It is a fact that people have now forgotten the sense of proper dressing. For most of us, the business occasions have reduced, to a fast top at coffee shops so that the Wi-Fi could be used for showing the clients or the prospects a couple of things available on the internet over a cup of coffee. More often, we just fix up a meeting online so that money and time is saved. Thus, your wardrobe is not at all important for such meetings. You can wear anything and everything while such meetings.


Whether internet could be blamed really is still a debatable topic. But it is true that people who have the skills of dressing properly for formal, casual or the business meetings, are now a very rarely found breed. Even people who are aware of the occasion on which a necktie could be worn, don’t realize, that there are huge differences between formal as well as causal ties and also the proper ways of wearing each tie. By knowing the difference you could save yourself from a number of embarrassing occasions.


First of all you need to determine the status of the occasions. Whether the occasion is formal, casual or between formal and casual. If you are going out for dinner with your friends, then it is a casual occasion. But if you are going out for a dinner with the CEO of your company, is a semi formal occasion. A meeting with an old college friend over lunch is a very casual occasion. If you are meeting someone whom you are asking to invest five million in your business, the occasion is definitely hard core formal.


When you are meeting a prospective customer at the Starbucks coffee shop, you would be surprised to see the necktie with a suit. It depicts the professionalism of a person and also it depicts that you are very serious about your job. Backing up your professional looks with the wealth of the industry-specific knowledge and skills, the client would feel very good about, investing money and time with you.

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