Patterns of Neckties which will never end

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A Necktie is a piece of accessory which is one of the essential part of men’s wardrobe no suit is complete without a necktie. Now a day’s men’s are used to wear necktie in their daily life weather they have to go for an office, Occasion or for an interview. A necktie plays an important role in terms of clothing in men’s wardrobe. Some men have wrong perception that tie which suits for any occasion can look great for office also. It true that choosing the right type of neckties is not an easier task so always pay attention while choosing a tie because it shows how you are particular with your dressing and keep in mind that Neckties which you are buying will match suits and shirts that you have in your wardrobe . Ties comes in number of patterns, colors and designs it’s up to you what type of tie go with a event. There are different patterns of Neckties. Some of neckties will discuss in this blog

Paisley Print Neckties: Paisley print Neckties generally look good for any occasion as it comes in many prints and colors but if you are choosing paisley print  for office than pay attention towards the prints meanwhile prints will not of funky kind . Paisley print Neckties comes only in silk fabric. These ties express the creativity of person.

Striped Tie: A classic men’s stripe tie is easily matched with solid suits and shirts by choosing a complementary color stripe. When wearing striped tie choose a color which complement suit or shirt. Pay attention to diversity of scale.

Solid Color Neckties: As the name suggest solid color neckties comes in dark colors. These ties are manufactured from different types of fabric. Pattern Solid color ties with a plain light color suit or shirt.

Themed Neckties:  These types of Neckties are highly thematic and their themes are depending on occasion. Themed Neckties are highly preferred for gift someone special on valentine day, Father Day or some other special occasions.

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