Skinny Ties - The Game Changer

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You don’t need to adhere to standards, you can deviate but the secret is to play it right and you become the trend setter ,The Game Changer.

The birth of the skinny tie was a daring shift during the 1920’s when a tie was supposed to be a part of conservative dressing for any gentleman. While a standard tie measured between 2.75”-3.25”, a skinny tie, on the other hand, was between 1.5”-2.5”. It faded but resurfaced during the 1960’s when the Beetles popularized it.

Suddenly it was very popular and became the game changer in the fashion world.

Since then, it’s been in style but whenever a celebrity is seeing wearing them, it gains a momentum. Ranbir Kapoor transformed it to a craze in 2013, after his famous dance act in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

How to wear your skinny tie:

1) For a formal look, pair a skinny tie (solid black being the most popular) with a well-fitted shirt. Always wear it with a suit with thin lapels.

2) When not wearing a suit or vest, the skinny tie can be paired with a shirt in contrasting colors. It can either be a light color solid tie over a bright shirt or vice versa.

3) Stick to modern patterns like checks and stripes although florals are doing the round this season. Avoid polkas.

4) For a casual look, wear the tie loose at the neck or roll up your sleeves. You can also pair up with a short sleeved shirt. Take care to wear a shirt with small sized collars.

5) A skinny knit tie is also a very popular casual look. Wear it with or without a jacket, it exudes the boyish charm.

Note:- Skinny ties are meant only for men with a slim stature. Stocky and overweight men should stay away even if they find them interesting, coz instead of being a game changer, it will be a self-goal.

Play the game to win it!

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