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Bow tie is no longer solely worn at formal “Black Tie” functions and have become hugely popular in the past few years. It has the ability to make a fashionable statement at any event.The right bow tie can transform your outfit from unimaginative to quirky and confident.

Dressing well is all about mastering proportions correctly. Just like your tie width and collar depth should be in proportion to your lapel size, the width of the bow tie should be in proportion to the width of your face.

These are the 5 popular bow tie options that you should know, and then decide which inspires you the most.

The Butterfly

The standard style that measures roughly around 2.5 inches in height and fits most face shapes. This bow tie will always look appropriately proportioned on everyone and will lend a balanced look. For beginners, it’s the safest bet which will never let you down, very versatile and perfect for every occasion.

The Big Butterfly

Identical to the shape of Butterfly but substantially larger in height. These are typically 3 inches or greater in height and works best for men with larger heads. It will dominate ones appearance and is recommended for those who don’t mind looking a bit cheeky.

The Batwing

The batwing shape, also known as a straight or slim bow tie, is the smallest in height. Theseare typically less than 2 inches in height and suits most head sizes. It imparts a streamlined, sophisticated and modern look. It is slightly less formal than the butterfly, but is still acceptable for formal events.

The Diamond Point

The diamond tip bow tie has a flat end with pointed edges hereby giving it a diamond shape. The height is same as the standard at about 2.5 inches. This style lends an asymmetric look, taking the classic and ramping it up a bit. Itsgaining popularity and trending at all formal occasions.

The Self Tie

Also known as the “freestyle” bow tie, it comes untied and you need to tie it yourself. Once tied, it ends up somewhere between 2.5-3 inches. We call it the most perfectly imperfect tie as it will never have the precise look of a pre-tied model but will undoubtedly add to your charm and quirkiness.

Now you may ask: which one should I wear? Choosing a bow tie style is more about personal taste than steadfast rules. While some styles may work better with your proportions or face shape, we recommend that you try a few and just pick the style that makes you feel the best.

Happy Styling!!


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