When to Wear Bow Ties

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In the present times, bow ties are not as frequently worn as the neck ties. When we talk of fashion statement at formal events then the quotient that is provided by the bow ties for men cannot be ignored. The bow ties look very good in the black tie events too.
Important events to wear a bow tie.

Formal events
With a black tuxedo and a white pocket square, a black bow tie is favored the most. White bow ties are also worn often in the non-black tie events. The white color also goes well when we want to wear it in the warm weather.

Semi-formal events
It is .very important in such kinds of events that it is not the case that you are the only male in presence who wore a tie. The dress should be in such a way that you don’t look overdressed. Light colored bow ties are definitely a good pick. The most popular ones are silver, light blue and light pink.

At the workspace
In these kinds of setups, bow ties don’t work as they are supposed to work. Some people are also seen to wear the bow ties with stripes and polka dots and they look just fine

At the parties
Sometimes, wearing a bow tie during a party can prove to be real fun. Daddies can wear the same too, to match their little boy’s outfit. Just like novelty neckties, bow ties also come in fun and colorful designs. You can choose from bright polka dotted bow ties to the more playful designs of popular cartoon characters or animals.

Overall, bow ties cannot be considered as totally a thing of the past. Any man can pull it off and make it a blend with his modern wardrobe and use it in appropriate occasions.

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