Women Ties- Ways of Wearing It!

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Women Ties- The NEW BOLD

Wearing a tie is a hot new look for women, but a lot of controversy still surrounds the style. Some people still think that a tie is a part of men’s wardrobe and it’s not feminine enough for a woman.
And the other part of the problem might be that many women are not yet comfortable with the style to wear it right. 
So, here are a few tips from tie-wearing women to help you pull off.


How to Wear a Women’s Tie
“Feminizing the tie” means that we are taking a men’s style and making it all our own. In other words, it should not look as you are trying hard to dress like a man. Once you learn how to make an outfit with a tie look both sexy and feminine, wearing a tie can be the ultimate fashion statement.

Wear it loose. One of the keys to feminizing the tie is showing off some skin. Wear the tie loose.
Wear it skinny. When it comes to women wearing ties, skinny is flattering and feminine.
Wear it with a tank top. If you are nervous about wearing a tie, try pairing it with a tank top. The result will be casual, without being too bold.
Wear it with a fit-and-flare pants and high heels. 
Wear it with a miniskirt. You are bold and beautiful – nothing will hold you back!

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