Wrist-art for MEN

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Are bracelets meant for men??

Many would be contemplating, some will think it’s too much of a risk but let me tell you, like any jewellery, bracelets can be a part of a stylish men wardrobe. Your masculinity is not at stake!!

They’re an accent and an option, not a necessity — you can get through life just fine without one — but they’re certainly worth trying. It’s a cocktail of the suave and the rugged, the good and the bad, the bold and the gentle….elements that are existing in all humans.
With all this in mind, for the average man who is interested in exploring the world of wrist wear, these are the key styles that are making rounds in all fashion magazines.



This is probably the most upscale style of bracelet for men, and will need to be paired with suits and ties. A metal bracelet can serve as a centrepiece of its own, so avoid bulky and flashy ones. It should be modern and streamlined

String & Rope cords


Go to the other end of the spectrum and you find rope cords in various thickness. Some are decorated with glass/metal beads, whereas some a mere hemp cords. These are more trendy and quirky but you can pull them off in a relaxed corporate culture.

Leather Cuffs


Leather is a great way to express your inner rebel without going overboard. Solid or Braided or Studded, a leather cuff is a classic punk style. Only a single cuff can make a statement, don’t wear multiples and avoid wearing a watch.



These have been in fashion for some time now. The beads can be made from wood, glass or onyx, can be simple or colourful .But there is only one thumb rule- Bigger the beads, more casual the look.


At the end of the day, a good bracelet does what any other good accent does: complements the outfit you wear it with.

Life is all about experimenting!!

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